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Apollo has been mixing records since 2003 when he started DJing in Paris, France. After playing in the city’s smallest clubs and ''soirée etudiante'', he witnessed the starting of fully electronic DJing.

But he decided not to fall into the computer era and keep us good old fashion CDs to impose his own art of mixing to the French audience. Little did he know that he would break grounds and introduce new ways of mixing and to the audience.
He created a new way of DJing inspired from ''DJ pour femme'' that can be translated by ''Make the girl dance DJ''.
Therefore at this time his blaze was 'DJ Kiss Touch''.

He soon started to play in the city biggest clubs and venues such as 'Le Concorde atlantlique or the marcounet''
As a true innovator, he introduced to the French audience a growing DJ whose blaze is 'DJ FF' and  became famous for his live doubled sets. Most famous one was at the 2005 Night Fever Party in front of la 'Tour Eiffel''

At this time the main feature about DJ Apollo was his ability to play various kind of music from venue with 20 attendants to venue with 4000 attendants and all this done in joy and happiness.

After a long break due to his relocation in
Dubai, United Arab Emirates he started a new era as DJ Apollo.
As a matter of fact, ''DJ Kiss Touch'' is less applicable to English audiences.

In 2009 he was the official DJ of the French Embassy Party in
Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Also this year, he exported his sets over the seas as he specialized in DJing on yatch for cruises along
Dubai coastline.

As 2010 began, he is now focussing on exploring new way of bringing music to people ears such as DJ vs Drummer or DJ vs Saxo...

Still to come....keep your ears opened..

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